The difference is in the nib...

and the ink...

Our high quality nib works like a paintbrush offering a thin line or wide brush stroke on your stamp or paper. Unlike other nibs, our Faber-Castell designed nib is a powerhouse for inking textured surfaces of all types. The clever nib will allow an abundance of ink to flow when pressed for full coverage, but won't over ink when stroking letters or lines. The brush nib has "memory" - it can bend like a paintbrush and regain its bounce back shape for thinner lines and details. Great for blending several colors on an intricate stamp to make it uniquely yours.

The Pitt Artist Pen Big Brush contains 4x the amount of ink compared to the traditional Pitt Artist Pen and offers artists the ability to create larger format art with the benefit of odorless, permanent, waterproof and lightfast inks in vibrant colors.   

The ink is waterproof when dry, which is ideal for wet mixed media techniques. The product is perfect for even, crisp and controlled stamped images and works on fabrics and canvas. For card making and journaling you will notice the ink will not bleed through the paper like a "marker". 

Artists, Crafters and Makers will appreciate the versatile nib and fully loaded ink barrels of the Big Brush Pens for long lasting value.

The pens are non-toxic, pH-Neutral and acid-free.