Valerie Mayen, a Project Runway alumna and 2016 All Star participant, has been stunning audiences with her colorful, eye-catching garments since founding Yellowcake Shop in 2008.  

Faber-Castell was a proud sponsor of Valerie's annual fashion show, Hullaballoo in 2015. In addition to Valerie's gorgeous new collection, the show opened with Faber-Castell's 2014 Gold Addy award winning video veaturing Valerie Mayen's fashion illustrations with our fine art products.  

"My Dad said to do the best work you need the best tools. Every one of the garments on the runway starts with a sketch. Every one of those sketches have been hand drawn with Faber-Castell products. It's easy for me to endorse their product because I have been using them for as long as I can remember. They are the best tools for the job.  I am so proud to have them as a presenting sponsor this year!" - Valerie Mayen

Watch the video on YouTube, My Super Power: Valerie Mayen.