Each Pitt Artist Pen has the size indicated on the pen. You will find this detail on the end of the cap and at the end of the pen barrel.

XS = Extra Superfine


Available in Black.

S = Superfine


Available in 8 colors: Phthalo Blue, Orange Glaze, Middle Purple Pink, Magenta, Cobalt Green, May Green, Deep Scarlet Red and Indanthrene Blue.

F = Fine


Available in 3 colors: black Dark Sepia and Sanguine.

M = Medium


Available in 3 colors: Black, Dark Sepia and Sanguine.

1.5 = Bullet


The bullet nib delivers a uniform stroke. Be careful not to push too hard on the tip. The bullet pens do not require any priming or pumping.

Available in 8 Colors: Black, White and Metallics - Gold, Silver, Copper, Ruby, Blue and Green.

C = Calligraphy


The wedge-shaped nib works just as well for handwritten texts as for fancy block lettering.

Available in 14 colors: White, Green Gold, Sanguine, Pink Carmine, Magenta, Indanthrene Blue, War Grey III, Chromium Green Opaque, Raw Umber, Dark Sepia, Walnut Brown, Nougat, Warm Grey IV and Black.

SC = Soft Chisel

1 to 3mm

Available in Black.

B = Brush 

1 to 5mm and 1 to 8mm.

The soft and yet shape-retaining nib makes the transition between thin and thick strokes possible.

Available in 60 bold, rich colors plus the new white addition. 

SB = Soft Brush

0.5 to 5mm

Available in 11 colors: Dark Indigo, Light Indigo, Cold Grey VI, Warm Grey V, Warm Grey IV, Cold Grey IV, Cold Grey III, Warm Grey III, Cold Grey I, and Warm Grey I.

Big Brush

1 to 8mm

4 times the amount of ink than the traditional brush nib. 

Available in 47 bold, rich colors.

2.5 = Bullet 


The 2.5mm bullet nib fills larger areas with its bold strokes.

Available in White.