We recommend experimenting with different brands. Here is some information that may be helpful when choosing.

When buying paper one should pay attention that it is

  • Acid-free
  • pH-neutral
  • Resistant to ageing

PITT Artist Pens:

The texture of the paper substrate can greatly impact ink flow. Many artists use a smooth Bristol. It is important to note that PITT pen line quality is totally dependent on the type of paper / substrate used. Drawing a line with a PITT pen and a fast tempo on a rough toothy drawing or sketch paper creates a flying white effect. It is normal if the ink does not fill all the valleys in the tooth of the paper when the tempo is fast. If you use the same pen and draw the same line with a slower tempo you should get sufficient ink flow to create a darker line that fills in the valleys or tooth of the paper. It is normal that if the same pen creates two different effects. We demonstrate this technique in workshops. We recommend that the PITT pen be used on paper intended for pen and ink but it can be used on a wide variety of papers successfully. PITT artist pens are also used on other surfaces such as canvas.

Castell 9000 Pencils:

Journal, writing, drawing and sketching paper/pads are most commonly used.

Polychromos Color Pencils:

One of the color pencil artists we have worked with uses the Faber-Castell Polychromos Color Pencils quite often and uses Stonehendge paper. It is smooth and holds a lot of layers. The advice is to use the whitest brightest paper available and that is the lightest value in the art.

Polychromos Pastel Crayons:

Unlike color pencils that adhere to just about all types of paper, they require a drawing background of a certain roughness. Pastel crayons are therefore mainly used for surface covering painting on soft, fine grained or velvety velour paper or on heavy paper with a course grained surface. We recommend pastel paper or pastel board. Regular drawing paper does not have enough tooth to hold the dry pigment. It is also possible to draw on stone or asphalt. The Polychromos Pastel Crayons are hard pastels which allow the user to explore new and different surface textures that soft pastels cannot stand up to.

Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils:

100% cotton paper is best. One of the watercolor pencil artists we have worked with uses hot pressed watercolor paper called Stonehenge Aqua.