Monochrome = Painting with one color.

All Pitt Monochrome products have maximum lightfastness!

The Pitt Monochrome assortment can be subdivided into the following areas:



Classical monochrome earth tones

Charcoal is one of the oldest drawing materials known to mankind. 

Natural charcoal

Made by carbonizing resin-free beech or willow twigs under the exclusion of air.

Assorted according to diameter.

Leaves a bluish mark which is easy to wipe and to correct.

Natural Willow Charcoal Sticks 3-6mm, 5-8mm, 6-11mm, 9-15mm

Natural Willow Charcoal Pencil Soft, Medium, Hard

Compressed charcoal

Produced  from a mixture of soot and clay.

The blackest drawing material that can be produced.

Compressed Charcoal Sticks Extra Soft, Soft, Medium

Compressed Charcoal Pencil Soft, Medium, Hard