Monochrome = Painting with one color. Any color range can be used, but monochrome drawing is mostly used for black, gray and earth tones.

All Pitt Monochrome products have maximum lightfastness!

The Pitt Monochrome assortment can be subdivided into the following areas:



Classical monochrome earth tones

Earth tones such as sepia, sanguine, umber and bistre were already known to the great painters of the Middle Ages. Faber-Castell offers these colors as pencils as well as crayons.

We offer two types of crayons...

Unburnt = soft and smooth

Raw chalks contain a special binding agent which give them a silky feeling with used.

The pigments penetrate deeper into the surface of the paper, but fixing may still be necessary.

Burnt = hard and brittle

The burnt crayons are harder and more brittle.

The pigments do not rub into the paper as easily, and therefore need to be fixed.

Oil-base artist pencils

No smudging; erasable only to a limited extent.

No fixing spray needed (particularly suitable for outlines).

Oil-free artist pencils

Can be wiped for added effects.

Fixing spray is required.